What is Ozone?

OZONE is a tri atomic allotrope of oxygen formed by the recombination of oxygen atoms. The by-product of OZONE reactions is oxygen. The un reacted OZONE also decomposes to form oxygen making it environment friendly, often called the environment friendly or the green chemical of the future.

How OZONE is formed?

In the stratosphere, OZONE is formed by the sun's ultraviolet light. OZONE can also be produced by exciting oxygen molecules to a higher energy level to produce unstable oxygen atoms. A small percentage of these single atoms combine with other oxygen molecules to form ozone, O+O2=O3. Ozone thus formed is very unstable with a half life of about 20 minutes in water and 10 hours in air before the unreacted molecules decompose to oxygen. Due to this unstable nature, OZONE must be generated on site.

How OZONE destroys bacteria & viruses present in water?

OZONE destroys Bacteria & Virus by rupturing cell walls and oxidizing the nucleic acids like DNA and RNA.OZONE destroys Bacteria in seconds while chlorine and other biocides take 30 minutes to several hours for the same result. OZONE diffuses cell walls, and then oxidizes the bacteria's enzymes.

What happens to OZONE after it destroys bacteria & viruses?

OZONE molecule is a very powerful oxidizer and sanitizer. It destroys anything it comes in contact with, faster and more effectively than anything else available. And when the sanitation is complete, or if OZONE finds nothing to oxidize, it returns to molecular oxygen (2 atoms).

What do you mean by “Oxidized”?

Oxidation is the combination of a substance with oxygen. Oxidation means a substance undergoes a chemical change resulting in a different Substance. Odors and pollutants are broken down into harmless, odorless compounds such as carbon dioxide, water vapor and oxygen.

How are OZONE base purifiers better than UV based purifiers?

Maintenance cost of UV based water purifiers is normally high. Since the UV lamp frequently needs to be replaced and requires regular cleaning of Quartz glass used in UV chamber. The disinfection of viruses & Spores is Excellent in OZONE based water purifiers but which is poor in UV based purifiers.

How OZONE is superior to chlorine and other biocides?

OZONE is not irritating to humans, in quantities required to purify water. It leaves no by products except pure oxygen. The oxidation power of OZONE is three times more than chlorine. Chlorine at normal level does not destroy cysts of amoeba where as OZONE destroys it.

Will OZONE change the taste of water?

No. OZONE is ph neutral. It has no effect on the taste of water

Will OZONE hurt?

No. The system uses tiny amounts to be effective. OZONE is very gentle to humans and equipment.


Ozone is allotropic oxygen. Ecologically the most acceptable disinfection agent for water. Ozone effectively destroys Bacteria; Virus and water borne parasites. And is also capable of destroying bad odor and color in water, which other organic compounds create. Ozone is second only to fluorine as a powerful oxidant and it is a most powerful water disinfectant. Ozone destroys Bacteria and Virus much faster than chlorine by rupturing cell walls and oxidizing the nucleic acids like DNA and RNA. Ozone destroys bacteria in seconds while chlorine and other biocides take 30 minutes to several hours for the same result. Ozone diffuses cell wall, and then oxidizes the Bacterias enzymes. Ozone also functions as clarifying agent to polish the water and improve quality. The ozonized water will be free from the microorganisms and rich in oxygen.

Advantages of Ozone

Ozone Is Healthy

  • Ozone leaves no chemical by-products in water.
  • Ozone leaves no chemical taste or smell.
  • Ozone will not burn eyes or make them red or irritated.
  • Ozone will not irritate or dry out skin. nose, or ears.
  • Ozone will not discolor or damage hair or clothing.
  • Ozone adds no contaminants or by-products to water.
  • Ozone rids water and air of unhealthy microorganisms.
  • Ozone is NOT a carcinogen.
  • Applications of Ozone

  • Portable Water
  • Bottled Water
  • Cooling Tower Water Treatment
  • Swimming pools and Spas
  • Ultra Pure water
  • Industrial process water
  • Odor removal
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Air purification
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