• Automatic battery charging from solar PV with manual option to charge from mains in case of emergency requirement.

  • Wide range of mains I/P voltage also ensuring minimum discharge of battery enhancing service life.

  • Automatic voltage regulation from wide range of mains input voltage with proper filtering delivers regulated clean output power & low and high voltage disconnection ensures safe operation of all appliances used.

  • Inverter mode operation is able to accept up to 125% overload without disconnecting but with an audible alarm indication to disconnect extra load for uninterrupted operation.

  • High temperature protection with display.

  • State of art micro controller design with LCD display indicates different operating parameters of the system including various protections for safe operation.

  • System self diagnostic check and soft start command.

  • Low load stand by power consumption and high efficiency achieved through system designand use of special component make the system ideal for solar power applications.

  • Various other protections ensure system reliability for longer life.
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