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    800 mm 110 L 110 L 24 V 67 dB

Ride on floor scrubber with Fast or ec-H20

  • For efficient cleaning of large areas.

New ec-H20 electrically activated water:

  • ec-H20 activates water to perform like a powerful detergent.

  • ec-H20 begins and ends as water.

  • ec-H20 eliminates the environmental impact of producing, packaging, transporting, using, and disposing of traditional cleaning chemicals.

  • Just fill with water and clean!

Benefits of ec-H20 and Fast:

  • Uses 70% less water.

  • Fill tank once not 3 times = 30% more productivity.

  • No mixing of chemicals - easier for operators

  • Lower or no chemical cost - less waste products, packaging

  • Safer dryer floors approved by NSFI (National Floor Safety Institute) to increase traction reduce build up of detergent residues.

Create a cleaner, safer environment

  • The FasT system is the best way to meet the highest cleaning standards using 70% less solution.

  • FaST foam cleans so well it not only captures existing soil, it also removes old, slippery detergentresidues. The result is a cleaner, higher-traction floor that reduces your risk of slip-and-fall.

Improve environmental health in your facility

  • Exclusive Hygenic tanks allow for easy access and sanitization reducing mold, bacteria and other contaminants that can grow in enclosed tanks.

  • Essential for healthcare use.

Quietly clean in noise-sensitive environments

  • At only 67 decibels, the T7 has a 75% lower sound level than leading competitive models comparable to normal conversation levels.

  • Ideal for day cleaning.

ec-h20 or Fast: the Key to Peak Productivity and Safety

  • Using these innovative systems, Tennant T7 scrubbers increase productivity, save water, eliminate the need for operators to handle chemicals, and leave just-cleaned floors virtually dry and safe for traffic.
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