500lpd, 1000lpd, 2000lpd, 3000lpd, 5000lpd, 10000lpd


  • Thermosyphon based Solar hot water generators/Systems for Flat Roof / Gravity feed applications.

  • Forced circulation systems for differential head and pressurized circulation systems.

  • Fixed Temperature System for critical temperature applications.

  • Differential temperature systems for large scale systems for varied Hot water Applications.

  • Hot water available for around the clock requirements with auto circulation systems.

  • Automatic Temperature Controls and precise temperature controls.

  • Hybrid system with GAS or Thermic fluid or Diesel or electricity based back up heating to cater to hot water needs.

  • Manifolds option for building integration and low load collector mounts.

  • Flat plate and evacuated collector options with manifold designs for varied site conditions.
  • Hydro Pneumatic Integrated Systems for Hotels, High-Rise Buildings, Apartments and Industrial needs.
  • Upto 85C output

Hot Water for Bungalows, Hotels, Resorts & Spas, Guest Houses, Jungle Lodges & Resorts, Residential Schools, Hospitals, Community Centers, Agro Farms, Bio Farms, Cattle Farms, Biological Industries, Paint shops, Wash stations, Industries. Boiler Feed, Service stations, Leather processing Industries.

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