Scruber & Dryer
Working Width430 mm
Theoretical Surface Performance upto1700 sq.metre / hr
Effective width of squeeze operation750 mm
Vacuum Head2400 mm of H2O
Air Flow60 L / S
Mains Supply (Single phase)230 VAC / 50 HZ
Rated Input power1800 W
Fuse for Vacuum motorT6 A
Overload protector for brush motor5 A
Number of brushes1
Brush Speed300 rpm
Brush Diameter430 mm
Brush Pressure25 kg
Specific brush Pressure0.25-0.39 N / centi metre sq.
Working speed max. (Adjustable)4 km / h
Dirty Water tank28 ltrs
Fresh Water tank26 ltrs
Length1010 mm
Height919 mm
Width without squeeze458 mm
Width with squeeze750 mm
Weight approx. (Dry)80 kg
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