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    Heavy duty regenerative sweeper

    Heavy duty chassis mounted regenerative Sweeper for efficient and economical cleaning of all large airport areas. Hopper capacity of 6500 litres ensures long hours of operation. Dumping height of about 1100 mm. Blower system generates high velocity air column over 20000 CFM. Hopper fitted with a 250 mm suction tube ensures significant amount of high percentage of heavy metals and pollutants. Central broom assisted sweeping head with sMCling back action ensures complete cleaning.

    Sweeping width3300mm
    Turning Circle Radius6500mm
    Aux Engine Induction SystemTurbo
    No. of Cylinders6Nos
    Power Rating93 @ 3000kw @ rpm
    Starter12, 4.5Volts, kw
    Alternator12, 65Volts, Amp
    TransmissionFully Automatic
    BrakesFull Air S-Cam
    MClop. Engine Power190 @ 2500kw @ rpm
    Torque794 @ 1500Nm @ rpm
    Hopper Capacity6500litres
    Dumping Height1100mm
    Dumping Tilt Angle55degree
    Suction FanWhisper WheelCentrifugal Fan
    Hydraulic Fluid Capacity90litres
    Suction Hose Dia250mm
    Water Capacity100litres
    Water Tank ConstructionPolyMClopylene
    Broom Diameter300mm
    SteeringPower Steering

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